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Our schools programmes enrich, enhance and extend the curriculum to open a range of opportunities and new experiences for students to develop character and personality traits, further improve social development and aspiration through unique and powerful activities, insights and touchpoints. 


The Futures Academy

The Futures Academy is a transformational, strength focussed coaching and mentoring programme investing in and supporting young people with personal and social development, inclusion, character education, engagement in education, employability, enterprise, motivation, mindset and endeavour. The Futures Academy is a unique, creative and bespoke accelerator programme for young people to discover their own personal brand, strengths and true value. 

The Futures Academy incorporates our 3 core themes AUTONOMY, MASTERY & PURPOSE which form the core of the content of the programme 

Lack of confidence and self esteem can manifest itself into negative behaviour and other social challenges. The Futures Academy invests in young people to develop skills, aspirations and raises ambition enabling young people to achieve goals and become assets to their local community and future employers.

Some young people put huge amounts of pressure on themselves to succeed in education. The Futures Academy explores what personal success really means and provides opportunity to see, feel and experience a range of businesses and employers and discover what they really look for in their people. 

The programme supports students through a unique accelerator programme, new experiences and enables them to have a shift in attitude to learning. or those who need to develop personal and social skills and a increase in aspiration, confidence or belief in their own true value . Our programme matches each young person with a trained, DBS enhanced checked mentor from local business to focus on their strengths and grow their ambition and aspirations. We work with them to set goals and understand their responsibilities.

The mentoring sessions are blended with insight visits to a range of employers and a host of activities and learning opportunities and masterclasses. Each mentoring session includes group and 1:1 mentoring and our delivery of ENERGISER, INSIGHT, MASTERCLASS & REFLECTION

The programme can be adapted and is bespoke to suit the needs of students, for example those facing any barrier to engagement or achievement such as those who's confidence, social skills, resourcefulness, self esteem, decision making, attitude, attainment needs improvement or those who's home circumstances are affecting school life. 

''Evidence strongly suggests that well organised, well executed mentoring programmes makes a difference to young people'' - The Careers & Enterprise Company. 

The programme helps schools to meet their requirements by addressing the following Gatsby Benchmarks;

  • Encounters with employers & employees
  • Experience of workplaces
  • Personal guidance
  • Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Learning from labour market information
  • Enabling creativity and new experiences and challenges

During the programme young people will meet with mentors both 1:1 and in groups on a weekly basis as well as a mix of the following activities - here is Just a sample of some of the activities which can be included in the programme; 

  • 1:1 and group sessions with a trained, enhanced DBS Checked employment mentor
  • 2 day trip to Essex Outdoors
  • Workplace experience visits with employers including UK Power Networks, BT, Essex & Suffolk Water, Jimmy’s Farm, Colchester Zoo, PWC, Tiptree, BT, Amazon, EDF Energy and more
  • Sports Engagement Sessions Including Inclusive sports with an SEN School
  • Other activities such as visiting a care farm, bushcraft or other challenges and experiences which develop self awareness, resilience, attitude, motivation and leadership.
  • 1 Day first aid course and other skills development
  • Community Based Challenges and Enterprise Challenges to give back to our community

In addition to these elements there are opportunities to 'bolt on' other interventions and activities to enhance the programme to best suit budgets and needs of the school and the students. 

Every cohort comes with;

  • Fully trained and DBS  Enhanced checked staff & Volunteers
  • Accredited Work Experience Quality
  • Professional CEIAG advice and guidance
  • All insurance and risk assessments
  • All materials, food where required and travel costs
  • Certificates and celebration event
  • Impact Reporting

The outcomes achieved by the programme are;

  • Increased attendance and better engagement education.
  • Increased self awareness and responsibility
  • Improvement of cognative skills, creativity and problem solving. 
  • Increased confidence and self worth
  • Better sense of aspiration and ambition
  • Accredited work experience
  • Strength focussed and able to identify strengths and areas for development 
  • Improved mindset and motivation
  • Better awareness of local opportunities and local labour market
  • Personal & social skills such as empathy, responsibility, motivation, confidence & self awareness and character education
  • Influence on career progression, attainment and engagement

Opportunities also for students to progress with accredited training to become peer mentors. 

Additional activities can be arranged or developed as part of the programme on request and we are keen to hear how this can fit within your schools priorities and aims. Please get in touch for a discussion or to have your questions answered about becoming a partner school. Email us


The Experience Lab is a project that gives guided, managed and accredited work experience to young people in a range of sectors. Ever wondered what it would be like to gain a specific job? The experience lab gives tasters through business takeover events. This means you gain all the experience of new recruits to a business and get to sample work life. Over a series of weeks young people learn about a specific business, its mission, its job roles, what skills are required, the tasks - and then for one full day they 'takeover' the business! This gives them 'live' work experience and the platform to showcase their skills and attributes in a unique way. 

This projects empowers young people to undertake new challenges and experiences and get a taste of what it takes in the world of work. It supports schools with Gatsby Benchmarks and work experience requirements.

The Experience Lab offers accredited work experience quality and CEIAG professional guidance. 

We are currently searching for more businesses up for the challenge!



Tightrope is a new 16 week intervention and engagement programme for young people aged 12-16 at risk of, or  involved in county lines activity and anti social behaviour.

This programme brings together a range of partners and expertise to engage young people to support positive decision making, a shift in attitude to risk taking behaviour and raise awareness of the dangers of county lines activity.

Working with U-Turn, Greenpath Ventures, Essex Fire Service and more we look to bring a range of opportunities, workplace Insight and new experiences to young people.

This programme has been developed in partnership with Tendring Community Safety Partnership and will be a proactive intervention programme for those most at risk.

This programme is delivered both in the community and for school groups. 


Our empowerment days are designed to give your students a taste of the real world. Whether that be the world of work, greater self awareness, the community around them or the world of enterprise, social enterprise and citizenship. 

Empowerment Days serve as a taster to our wider, more in-depth Futures Academy accelerator programme for young people. 

We cover a range of topics to broaden the knowledge and awareness of young people, challenge thinking and spark imagination, and support enrichment. These activities help build aspiration and ambition in young people and give them access to mentors from the business and enterprise world. 

The days are structured and supported by our trained employment mentors from local businesses, and open their eyes to new experiences and skills guided by mentors who can give guidance through their own experience, skills and attributes. 

Our empowerment days showcase young peoples skills and supports them to develop self awareness, responsibility, creativity, communication, confidence and leadership. 

These support careers activity, networking with local business and professionals and PSHE requirements 

Please email us on to book or request an information pack


Adaptive & Inclusive Sport

Our Director, Steve Morley has used a “sporting model” as a motivational tool for over 25 years. 

He has worked on the STREET GAMES project, engaged with challenging young people in Pupil referral units and has delivered projects to homeless and refugee groups. Steve is an experience sports coach holding Level 1 through to Level 3 qualifications in several sports including Athletics, Badminton, Baskin, Basketball, Boccia, Cricket and wheelchair basketball, table tennis and multi-sports.

As well coaching mainstream sports, Steve has a well-earned reputation for delivering adapted and inclusive sports. He has worked with the English Para-Badminton squad and has coached amputee athletes in addition to delivering adapted sporting activities into numerous SEN schools.

It was whilst developing his Inclusive and adapted sports that he noticed something interesting.
Whilst these “Soft Skills” sports were designed for people with disabilities, there simplicity made them a perfect hook for the reluctant or non-sporty young person.

Steve has had great success delivering these so-called soft skill sports and, in particular through his “Better Together” program. This initiative involved taking pupils from a mainstream school and introducing them to special needs children to play sports together.  The effect on both sets of pupils were staggering.

“ I am seeing a side to my students that I’ve not seen before. A caring, compassionate side. It has encouraged better communication and leadership skills.” PE Teacher.

Unity Enterprises utilises all of Steve’s experience to incorporate a sporting element into our 14-week program as well as stand alone sports engagement  sessions . We will offer a mix of mainstream and adapted sporting activities such as:

Mainstream and wheelchair Basketball but also BASKIN

Table Tennis but also adapted Table Tennis and Visually impaired tennis.

Various Visually impaired activities such as Goalball and VI football.

Mainstream Badminton as well as zonal badminton.

Parkour and multi-skills sports.


Mainstream volleyball but also sitting volleyball.

The activities have several very clear objectives;


For more information please email us on 


8 Week Development Programme for Girls

Born to Shine is an 8 week personal and social development programme for young women. 

The programme explores self esteem, confidence, body confidence, positive relationships, aspiration and achievement through a range of interactive sessions. 



We have extended our offer to suit young people in Years 5 & 6 to provide them with meaningful, fun and interactive sessions with local business and employers. 

 We have a specialist range of empowerment days to suit this age group and support with their enrichment. You can also sign up for our Eco Citizen award project to celebrate those children and young people who take their own action to care for the world we live in. 

We are also developing our Futures Academy mentoring & coaching programme to support children to have encounters with the world of work and support them to grow aspirations. 

If you are interested please get in touch with us. 


The Eco Citizen Award  is our new project in Partnership with the Ink Bin to celebrate children & young people who take social action on environmental issues, climate change and sustainability. 

This will be rolled out in all primary and secondary schools shortly and there will be an opportunity to nominate your Eco Citizen. The winner will be selected by our expert panel from local businesses.

Kindly sponsored by Perrywood Garden Centres you can win trees and plants for your school.

Register for free here

There will also be a schools winner. If you would like to register your school you can find out more at


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Adaptable Projects

All of our projects can be agile, flexible and able to be tailored for a range of setting and young people facing challenges or barriers or those who are high achieving and would benefit from our projects and networks. We can adapt our projects to meet the need of young people and to support schools to fulfil their responsibility in engaging with young people who may be struggling to maintain attendance, those who may be lacking the skills to reach their potential or those who need motivation and a change in attitude to stay in education. Many activities we deliver can also provide positive experiences, new skills, an increase in confidence and address improved health and wellbeing in young people. You can read more about our projects here

Peer Mentoring & Tier Mentoring Training

We can provide accredited, bespoke training to young people to become positive peer & tier mentors to their peers. This can have great impact on their skills, confidence, communication and leadership. 

Careers & Work Experience

We can provide support to your school careers guidance functions to enhance the offer and experiences young people have. We can support you to engage the business community and offer accredited quality work experience and ways to enhance your curriculum. Our projects all come with professional CEIAG careers guidance. 

Bespoke Workshops & Staff Training

We can offer bespoke workshops to upskill your staff and support CPD. We have a range of workshops available 'off the shelf' or we can tailor one to your needs. You can read more here. These workshops could also be delivered to students.