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Charity and business partnerships are far more than just money. We can help you achieve your goals which has added value to your business, inspires and motivates staff teams and supports young people to find their way. 

Futures Academy

How You Can Be A Futures Academy Mentor & Why This Benefits You

At Unity Enterprises East Anglia we invest in, and believe in providing young people with a platform to shine. A method of showcasing their skills, determination, attitude and aspiration without being viewed purely by a piece of paper or qualifications they may not have gained due to barriers or social challenges they may have faced, or be facing. 

Through collaboration we can best meet the changing needs of young people to make them more resilient, sustainable employees of the future. By understanding the sector we can enable young people to focus on the future, build their personal brand and supply the business community with motivated, resilient employees of the future who are willing to learn. 

Our activities and projects provide an opportunity to showcase skills that they may not get the opportunity to display or may not even realise they have. With your support we can provide a platform to grow ambition and raise aspiration and cultivate a better attitude to learning to progress to a prosperous, positive and sustainable future. 

with your support we can showcase local opportunities and the personal and social skills it takes to be a sustainable, responsible and valued employee and positive member of the community. 

How can you support?...

  • Offer a 3 hour workplace insight visit and tailored CV workshop
  • Become a mentoring & coaching partner by supporting your staff to become employment mentors
  • Offer longer term/more in-depth work experience opportunities. 
  • Sponsor a Futures Academy programme for a school or youth organisation
  • Offer pro-bono support to the programme to enable growth and development
  • Pledge your support to helping young people grow and progress and be involved in our collaboration events. 

How can this benefit you?...

  • Accredited ILM training in Coaching & Mentoring
  • Positive brand association
  • Further Workshops to enhance staff CPD
  • Safeguarding training and Enhanced DBS Check
  • Support your CSR strategy and aspirations through unique activity
  • Give you alternative ways to engage your staff teams in innovative community activity 
  • Support you to grow your staff teams and future leaders by being involved
  • Grow staff engagement and motivation through volunteering in the community
  • Deliver accredited training to support staff teams in coaching and mentoring
  • Provide positive community engagement and press/social media coverage
  • Provide links and networks to other organisations, businesses and education providers

What commitment we need from you?...

  • 2 days training & 10hrs supervision (supervision can be via Skype)
  • Further written work for ILM qualification
  • 20 hours of mentoring
  • Further training & development opportunities 
  • Enhanced DBS check (Cost will be met)

Buy social and support our work in your community.

Why not join the likes of UK Power Networks, Tiptree, Amazon, EDF Energy, Network Rail, BT and more! 



Can you inspire young people?...

Can you inspire young people through a unique access, inspiring visit to your business? Visits are simple and managed and usually take anything between 2 hours and a full day to suit you. Visits are powerful and provide access for young people to feel and see businesses, what they do, what they look for and where they fit. 

We like a visit to consist of a tour, Q&A and some kind of activity or challenge which showcases the business and the roles and functions in undertakes. This provides young people with a fun, unique way to learn about local labour markets and employers as well as the range of opportunities that exist for them to pursue.

We are always keen to share ideas and make the experience as best as we can make it. Some have had a bespoke CV & interview workshop, some have had hands on activities and we've even had quizzes, team building games and problem solving!

Young people can learn what skills, personality traits and attributes employers look for in their people through visiting a range of employers who offer a variety of opportunities. We love different and are always looking for businesses who can show unique and innovative employment offerings. 

Why not join Amazon, EDF Energy, Tiptree, UK Power Networks, Network Rail, BT, Colchester Zoo, PWC, Five Lakes Resort, Insider London, Jimmy‘s Farm, The Army and others in offering these unique visits. Please email



Can you offer a two hour masterclass into your, business, your career or anything else your the expert of?

This can be in the school or within your business. The Masterclass session is a key element of our Futures Academy Programme.

We’d love to explore your ideas of inspiring young people. 


Our Masterclass Partners


The breakfast sessions

We are very often asked by teachers, parents and young people themselves...what next?

What happens when they complete the Futures Academy programme?

The Breakfast SessIons are a monthly meet up for young  people who have successfully completed the Futures Academy, our very own alumni!

The sessions continue the support of mentors, both 1:1 and group, for the academic year through meaningful and positive conversations over a healthy breakfast.

These can be sponsored by business to continue the support to young people to keep them setting and achieving goals, keep focussed and keep challenging thinking!

This support builds our peer and tiered mentoring approach. 

If you can support then please get in touch!


Experience Lab

Did you ever get the chance to try the job you really wanted when you were at school? The Experience Lab gives young people the opportunity to do just that! 

This project is all about live experiences in a range of businesses and employers. Over a week or series of weekly sessions young people learn about all aspects of the business, departments and roles. This enables them to find out about roles which meet their interests, strengths and skills. 

The Experience Lab gives young people the chance to sample work life and what employers look for beyond a CV. 

Over several weeks young people get hands on, try new challenges and experiences and learn new skills. We work with a range of employers who provide young people with a unique experience, and the chance to 'takeover' specific roles and showcase their employability skills. 

The Experience Lab provides accredited work experience for young people to grow aspirations, learn about the range of employment available and what fits them. There is opportunity to gain new accredited training and skills. 

Can you join Five lakes Resort, Lifehouse Spa, Asda, The Royal Hotel and UK Power Networks in opening unique opportunities for young people. 


Our Experience Lab Partners



Project Sponsorship, Event Sponsorship & Corporate Patrons

We have many projects, events and fundraisers you can sponsor. Maybe you are passionate about a certain group of young people or a specific project resonates or fits with you or your business? We are always keen to hear your ideas and thoughts about how we can work with you. We have a range of opportunities to suit all budgets. 

Corporate Patrons

Would you like to associate your brand or organisation with our work to open opportunity and links with other organisations, businesses and education providers? Maybe you would like to explore one of our corporate patron packages to suit your needs. Please do get in touch if this is of interest. 


fundraising & charity of the year

Getting your staff teams involved

Do you encourage and motivate your teams to undertake their own challenges and activities for charity? 

Do you nominate a charity of the year partner? Research shows that being involved in their community can serve to motivate employees and develop their skills. 

We'd love to hear from you about how we can support this and how you want to work together. We will also be organising some events which you can get involved in and support. Evidence points to staff being more motivated and empowered when their employer encourages them to be involved in their local community through volunteering and fundraising. 


the inkbin

We are hugely excited to be partnering with The Ink Bin to support our fundraising  and increase awareness of climate crisis. This will open opportunities for young people to be proud of where they live and take social action for future generations. If you are a business or school in Tendring or Colchester and can have a collection bin in your premises we'd love to hear from you! 

You can read more about The Ink Bin here



We are delighted to be involved with this new, free networking event with our friends Locally Approved. Please do sign up and join us for this free, friendly and informal networking event.