Support for 16+ Young People

Unity Enterprises East Anglia offers services to young people to help them find their way, become more engaged with services and to promote them as positive members of their community. 

We will be delivering a bespoke Futures Academy programme with more emphasis on employability and greater links with local businesses and employers who can offer activities and opportunities which bring young people closer to the world of work. 

All of our activities develop young people in personal and social development, emotional intelligence and employability. We do this by creating a bespoke package of support around each young person so they can focus on their future. You can refer yourself for support or be referred by another organisation. 

We will soon be delivering Bridging the Gap in partnership with other organisations. This project will bring young people closer to their local community and together with people of different backgrounds, challenges and needs. 

We will also be running projects that look at enterprise and employability through young people delivering their own events and 'micro business' type activities. There will also be chance for young people to showcase their work ready skills directly with employers.

We are developing our peer mentoring training, which will see young people gain accredited training in mentoring which further enhances their skills and CV. 

if you would like more information on the projects being launched soon please email us on office@unityenterprises.org

if you are from an organisation and have an idea for partnership working we'd love to hear from you. 


futures academy

16+ Futures Academy

We will be delivering bespoke packages of the Futures Academy to young people facing specific barriers. This could be long term inactivity, homelessness or vulnerably housed, those involved in the criminal justice system or those lacking confidence to make the next step into employment. 

The Futures Academy is a bespoke programme of support around each young person. Through partnerships we bring together a unique package of support around each individual to develop personal and social skills and skills for employment.

We use engagement mentoring to promote social inclusion and allow young people to showcase their skills and attributes. 


bridging the gap

What is bridging the gap?

Bridging the gap is a project which brings young people together on projects with members of their community. This could be linking them together with the older generations on projects around heritage or linking them with individuals with special educational needs on enterprise activities. 

This project is designed to support young people to grow personal and social skills, leadership, responsibility, communication and confidence. 

This project promotes positive youth activities and the role they can play in their local community. 

This project is being developed and we are actively pursuing partnerships with community organisations interested in bringing people together. 



Inclusive & Adapted Multi Sports

We will also be delivering stand alone inclusive and adapted sports sessions to support young people with motivation and mindset. These sessions get young people positively engaged and focussing on their future.  As a key part of these sessions we link with young people with special educational needs on adapted and inclusive sports sessions as well as delivering some multi sport sessions. These can provide new experiences and new activities and challenges.  

These sessions develop physical and mental health and wellbeing and personal development skills such as communication, leadership and team work. 



How Can You Get Involved

Our 'No Limits' Sports Day & Inclusion Festival  gives young people the  experience to run their own enterprise event for the benefit of their local community. The sports day will bring together the corporate community in competitive and fun sports day events and challenges, who will be crowned the winner? 

Young people plan, deliver the event from scratch and learn new skills such as finance, marketing, design, event management as well as leadership, teamwork and communication. 

The young people will take on roles based on strengths and interests and learn about enterprise as well as gain new qualifications such as first aid, food hygiene and health and safety. Business mentors will guide them through the tasks such as event planning, finance, marketing plan, gaining sponsorship, team entries and selling pitches. 


the experience lab

Workplace Challenges

The Experience Lab is a project that gives guided, managed and accredited work experience to young people in a range of sectors. Ever wondered what it would be like to gain a specific job? The experience lab gives tasters through business takeover events. This means you gain all the experience of new recruits to a business and get to sample work life. Over a series of weeks young people learn about a specific business, its mission, its job roles, what skills are required, the tasks - and then for one full day they 'takeover' the business! This gives them 'live' work experience and the platform to showcase their skills and attributes in a unique way. 

This projects empowers young people to undertake new challenges and experiences and get a taste of what it takes in the world of work. 

We are currently searching for businesses up for the challenge!